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These are the lataest pictures in Project: "ALANA" cutom water-cooled PC. The cost of this estmated at $2800.00 and was worth every penny. We got great benchmark results, considering we were running at stock speeds under water. During this build, I did run into some complication with the top radiator mounting the fans, but was easily correctable after reading the instructions, lol. The reservoir had to be custom mounted, knowling when the water kit was purchased. Check out more and watch the full video in the video gallery. This is a 2 part video.


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April stainless steel prices how to go?

Posted by: happywork on 12/04/2017 02:08 AM

{<p>Into April, the domestic steel prices continued to plunge, the decline was generally over 200, the leading steel mills currently lucrative, quite willing to price strong, but the limited release of downstream demand, the overall poor state of the transaction, the spot price steady, but to find Commodities, the market soared to profit and frequent operations, resulting in the mainstream of the lower prices, traders complain, for the market trend, Xiaobian that the mainstream is still low, but the rate narrowed.[url=]La Mejor Superficie Brillante De La Barra De Acero Inoxidable De La Mejor Calidad[/url]</p>
<p>Supply surface, the total steel stocks last week fell 1.5% to 14,122,000 tons, down 2.6% the previous week. Of which 678.4 million tons of thread fell 2.7%; 1,980,000 tons of wire dropped 2.2%; although the stock has been reduced, still in high position, the current downstream demand is not heavy volume, and with the decline in steel prices, the terminal getting goods more cautious, However, there are many environmental restrictions on production, resulting in a decline in steel stocks, in order to reduce the amount of price is not unacceptable, it is expected that late steel weak operation.[url=]aisi 431 type stainless steel round bar with competitive price[/url]</p>
<p>Based on the above, taking into account the "buy up or not buy down" mentality, downstream transactions continued to be weak, and the other snails has not yet stopped signs, the spot is difficult to support the meaning, in summary, short-term is expected to narrow the main short since last year , The price of steel rose not because of demand but because of supply-side structural reforms to reduce capacity. From the perspective of China's market environment, steel demand should decline if GDP growth remains normal. He pointed out that there will be explosive growth in steel demand only if the rapid GDP growth reaches 6.8% or even 7% or even higher Therefore, it is estimated that the overall price of steel in the next stage will still be at a relatively low level.[url=]1000 series thickness 1.0-10mm aluminum embossed s...[/url]</p>
<p>This year there are still many steel prices multivariate game situation, there may be a sharp fluctuations. "The most important factor is the real progress toward capacity, in particular, the determination to ban all steel products.[url=]AISI 304 Stainless Steel Flat Bar Price[/url]</p>

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