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These are the lataest pictures in Project: "ALANA" cutom water-cooled PC. The cost of this estmated at $2800.00 and was worth every penny. We got great benchmark results, considering we were running at stock speeds under water. During this build, I did run into some complication with the top radiator mounting the fans, but was easily correctable after reading the instructions, lol. The reservoir had to be custom mounted, knowling when the water kit was purchased. Check out more and watch the full video in the video gallery. This is a 2 part video.


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Steel City, when the students warm?

Posted by: happywork on 12/01/2017 12:23 AM

{<p>In the past ten years, China's key iron and steel enterprises have invested more than 130 billion yuan in environmental protection funds. Especially during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, although the profitability of the steel industry continued to decline, the investment in environmental protection still maintained its growth. The advanced environmental protection technology was rapidly popularized and applied. However, in terms of the whole industry, due to differences in areas, differences in technical equipment and environmental protection concepts, there is still a gap between the levels of environmental protection in China's steel enterprises to varying degrees.[url=]La Mejor Barra De Tungsteno Del Acero De Silicio De La Venta 12m M[/url]</p>
<p>According to the data disclosed by the Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute, the average operating cost per tonne of environmental protection facilities in China's steel industry is about 80 yuan, and that of advanced enterprises such as Baosteel is about 150 yuan per tonne. Advanced enterprise environmental protection facilities, tons of steel high operating costs of environmental protection. Driven by profits, some enterprises are not enthusiastic about popularizing and upgrading environmental protection equipment. Some enterprises do not have enough environmental protection cost per ton of steel to make up to one-third of advanced enterprises.[url=]Supply high quality stainless steel aisi 316 u bolt[/url]</p>
<p>From the emission point of view, some environmentally-friendly steel enterprises tons of steel emissions reached nearly ten times the level of advanced enterprises, two levels of differentiation is very obvious. The future of this situation, will certainly be changed. In 2017, it is the first year of "Ten Scenes of the Atmosphere" and also the deciding year for the immediate goal of the "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Collaborative Development Plan".[url=]Factory Customized Rotary Round Wire Roller Brush...[/url]</p>
<p>On the one hand, frequent and accelerated policies have shown the government's determination to play a blue-sky defensive battle. On the other hand, among the most stringent environmental inspectors in this history, the MEP will implement monthly air quality improvement measures for "2 + 26" cities Ranking, quarterly assessment, Beijing, Tianjin, Langfang, Baoding to counties as a unit to participate in ranking, assessment and ranking results as an important basis for the leadership and leading cadres comprehensive assessment assessment. This will also prompt the acceleration of environmental protection policies.[url=]The Most Popular 304 stainless steel coil[/url]</p>

Topic: Solid State Drives - SSD


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