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These are the lataest pictures in Project: "ALANA" cutom water-cooled PC. The cost of this estmated at $2800.00 and was worth every penny. We got great benchmark results, considering we were running at stock speeds under water. During this build, I did run into some complication with the top radiator mounting the fans, but was easily correctable after reading the instructions, lol. The reservoir had to be custom mounted, knowling when the water kit was purchased. Check out more and watch the full video in the video gallery. This is a 2 part video.


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Cleaning treatment of electric vacuum device

Posted by: happywork on 11/30/2017 08:40 PM

{With the development of space science and technology and the modernization of national defense military equipment, electric vacuum devices must have the characteristics of high reliability and long service life, low noise, wide band and high power, often used in the ground, shipborne and airborne, satellite communications, radar, electronic warfare, precision guided weapon system, its performance and quality the performance and quality of weapon equipment plays an important role, is known as the national security strategy of the device. Electronic tube is one of the key and key devices in the development of modern high technology electronic equipment.
[url=]BR-14SVT 1400C Horno de vacío vertical[/url]
It is necessary to study the surface cleaning of electrical vacuum parts, because the source of gas and vapor caused by pollutants will make the vacuum system fail to get the required vacuum. In addition, the presence of pollutants will affect the strength and sealing performance of the electrical vacuum component connection, and have a great influence on the performance of the electric vacuum device.
Main sources of pollutants in electric vacuum devices[url=]Профессиональный Производитель Вакуумной Термической обработки Печи[/url]
(1) the lubricating oil used in the process of processing raw materials;
(2) the dirty and saliva on the hands of the operators. Because the vacuum devices are mainly assembled by manual operation, and inevitably cause pollution to the components.
(3) the residual of the solvent in the process of deoil. For example: salt and organic matter in tap water, metal deoiling agent used in metal parts and so on.
(4) when the parts are stored, the air contains dust, water vapor and so on.[url=]Newest Metal Powder Degreasing and Sintering Vacuum Furnace[/url]

Topic: Solid State Drives - SSD


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